This is the program, broadcasted on Dutch television, (April 1997) which the Union FNV, at the request of Copex Air, tried to stop.
The makers of the program talked to 8 people in the company who confirmed my experiences at the company (bullying, racism, anti-Semitism)
However the Union, of which I was a member and who is supposed to defend my interests, defended the company and told numerous lies about me, in order to try to stop them to broadcast the program. This I came to know by chance.

The managing director of Copex Air emphasized that the problems had started because I would have launched a fierce champagne against the so called "NON ISRAEL DECLARATION" (a document that reads: We declare that the goods are not of Israeli origin, that no Israeli capital is used and that no Israeli works at our company) . This is false. I had just asked once, if such statement is permitted by the Dutch law.
The "non-Israel declaration" (euphemism for non-Jew declaration, which is a euphemism for NO JEWS ALLOWED) is indeed permitted and not punishable in the Netherlands.

The problems started after I said something about the rude behavior towards Mrs. Schimmel. In response, I was summoned to the export manager who then held an anti-Semitic monologue and had told the whole company told that I was a "dirty Jew" (see The Entire story).