FNV CEO extorts elderly woman,

Thursday, the union leader stands trial before the court in Den Bosch.

Union FNV CEO (Mr. Linders) demanded in threatening letters in June last year 20,000 Euro of the elderly. If they would inform the police Something nasty would happen to her. The police arranged two transfer attempts of money, in fact copied fake money.

The first money transfer failed because around the same time a prisoner had escaped from a nearby hospital. The Union CEO fled when he heard sirens of police cars everywhere that pursued the detainee. "He thought it was for him," said a judicial source. Then the woman got another threatening letter, with a new venue, date and time and a bullet to emphasize his demand for the transfer. The second money transfer succeeded, after the Union CEO was caught by the police, who had watched at a short distance.

T he CEO does not have to go to prison for 2 reasons. First he was very sorry and regretful (criminals that get caught usually are) and second because the judge
Found him to be diminished responsible.