Georges Scheffer a refugee from Lebanon, is bullied by the racist scum of Scania. His pants are pulled down and he is groped by his genitals to see if he was circumcised (from an Arab country so he is likely a Muslim). Then he was beaten several times. His report to the police, is ineffective (although violence is punishable, but not in this case). The Union FNV of which he is a member, does not help him at all, because the bastard who should, happens to be a very good friend with the director of Scania. If victim complains about the union FNV the union expels him as a member (they don’t give him back his money though). The union FNV then sends the police on him because he has made a website and sends out e-mails to coworkers of the union in protest. And they also have blocked his IP number. (They use the anti-stalking enactment). These methods we only know from East German Stasi.

Website of the victim

little you tube film taken off by Union FNV
(so much for freedom of speech)