I have worked four years at COPEX AIR Schiphol a freight forwarding company. When I started to work there, collegiality among the people, was not very well. There was a group of people who actually were in charge in the workplace. They decided who and when to get coffee for them. Furthermore, I noticed that there were often hurtful jokes about minorities. In particular, there were many hurtful remarks about Jews. This was due to the fact that a shipment for EL AL was provided too late and was therefore not included. (related to the safety a shipment for EL AL had to be delivered three hours before departure, as opposed to the usual two hours.) Then they would say "For those dirty Jews, we must always make an exception." If someone would make a phone call to the agent in Israel, and there was no response, due to a Jewish holiday (Yom Kippur): "Those dirty Jews are too lazy to work." These statements were mainly done by the directors and other senior staff.

Our department (export) was visited regularly by an employee of German descent. She worked in the accounting department. She was in her late fifties. Against this woman extremely offensive comments were made. They would shout at her "NAZI HAG", "CUNT HAG", "EVA BRAUN". Furthermore, they often disparagingly called her just by her last name (Schimmel - which in Dutch means smelly fungus). New colleagues were informed immediately. "It's a stupid bitch, don't pay attention to her, she will attack you constantly bothering with her bullshit". In reality, she had to visit our department often by virtue of its function. Later they even required her to ask permission first to speak. (she was 58 years old and had to ask permission to the bully's - 23 or 25 years old - to speak). The insults were also voiced to her by executives, particularly so-called block heads (bosses on the subsections of the Export Department) This was done as follows. When they saw Mrs. Schimmel arriving at the department, one of the block heads (24 years old) would say "DAMN THERE IS THAT BITCH AGAIN". Then he would quickly pick up the phone and called a colleague and was involved for about ten minutes in a very important conversation (about the upcoming holidays), while Mrs. Schimmel patiently waited with some papers in her hands. When she, after the phone call was finished, asked a question the block head then replied as follows: "DAMNED CHECK IT OUT YOURSELF BEFORE YOU BOTHER ME. I HAVE MORE IMPORTANT THINGS TO DO NAZI HAG". This all happened quite openly, for everyone to hear.

Later she told me that before I worked there, She once had a mild heart attack at her work. No one was willing to bring her home. She went stumbling to the bus stop and when she arrived at her doctor she was immediately hospitalized for heart problems. When she came back to work after a few weeks of recovery, her boss said "DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH YOU HAVE COST THE COMPANY"? (fully qualified accountant with years of experience in 2800 GUILDERS - 1400 $ - GROSS salary 40 hours per month). No one asked her about her health condition.

When I was in the service for one year, Ben Strik, The export manager, asked me if I was a Jew perhaps. I told him that I was not a Jewish, but my wife was and therefore my children as well. I also told him that I regularly visited the synagogue with my wife and children. The export manager replied "THEN I YOU ARE A JEW".

Until that moment I had no personal problems within that company.

My work was to create and control invoices. When there was a new customer, who had no account number, I had to fill out a form and have it signed by the export manager. One time I came across the following statement in English: WE HEREBY DECLARE THAT THIS SHIPMENT DOES NOT INVOLVE ISRAELY CAPITAL AND DOES NOT CONTAIN ISRAELI PRODUCTS AND NO ISRAELI TOOK PART WHATSOEVER IN THIS SHIPMENT". I was at that time under the assumption that this was the infamous NON-JEW statement. (That was it actually, but if you replace the word JEW for ISRAEL it becomes a non-Israel statement which is not punishable). I have had these words shaded, and went with the papers to the commercial director (Bernard van der Vloed.) as the export manager at that time was on a business trip in the Middle East. The director had a visitor, a relationship or customer of the company. The door was open, however, and when the director saw me with a file in my hands, he beckoned me that I could come inside. I asked him if he would sign the form and let him inconspicuously for the visitor, see the shaded text. He looked at me a while indifferent and said "So what?" Assuming that he had not red the words well, I moved the file a little closer and asked him whether it was lawful. He then replied with lofty vote "YES WHY NOT, WE HAVE A BOX FULL OF SUCH STATEMENTS. "Now I asked him if this wasn't a "non-Jew statement". The visitor now mingled in the conversation and asked if this (the non-Israel the statement) was common at Copex company. The commercial director now responded aggressively: "WHAT! SHIPMENTS TO ARABIA? YES EVERY DAY ".

For a few weeks I had the idea that I had to do something here (The coarse language against some colleagues.) Now it was time to act. Since it was a matter that concerned the whole company, I wanted to play it through the board. I made an appointment with another director (there were about 4 or 5). He had previously been the export manager and I had the idea that he could be trusted. I reported the appointment to my direct boss to avoid any suspicion relating to the appointment. She told me, however, that it was better to discuss this with the export manager. Although I did not like that very much. The export manager who had just returned from a business trip, would lead that afternoon the weekly meeting with the block heads, where my boss as a secretary was present and would bring it to the attention in this meeting. It was especially these block heads that were guilty of these statements. After some hesitation I agreed with her proposal.

After this meeting, my boss told me that I had to report immediately at the export manager, because he was very angry with me. It was 5 pm and most people went home. I cleaned my desk and went to the export manager and asked him why I had to come to him. He looked indifferent to the outside and did not respond to my comment. When I told him that my boss had said that he was angry about something, he turned to me and I heard him say (literally, I quote) in an angry and aggressive voice:






(export manager then brought the Hitler salute)







Completely surprised by this crude anti-Semitic language I started to defend myself, but he interrupted me and added to this:



I felt very hurt and offended by these comments. Especially as the export manager knew of my Jewish background (wife and children). It turned out that during the meeting prior to his anti-Semitic monologue, he told everyone that I was Jewish. This I was told by my boss, who incidentally later weakened her comment to eventually completely deny for fear of repercussions. When I asked her if I could see, the minutes of this meeting she told me that it was not allowed to me, although that, until then had always been allowed.

Concerning boss, later left the company to work for KLM. When I still asked her if she wanted to make a testimony she denied that anti-Semitic statements were ever made during the meeting, and she added to it, if I would tell you, I might get problems with KLM because COPEX is a major customer of the KLM. (I regarded this as a confession)

I still had the appointment with the other director. I took stock.

- A director who talked about THOSE DIRTY JEWS regularly.
- A director, according to whom the "non-Israel statement" is the most natural thing in the world.
- An export manager who expressed his blind hatred of the Jews (and me)

I wondered whether a meeting with the director would have any sense yet. I am married, have two children, a car on credit and a salary of 2600 guilders (equivalent 1300$ gross per month ( that is 1800 guilders or 900$ net). Another insult of a manager and I am able of losing my self-control and lose my job.

When meeting with the director I did not tell him too much in order to cool down the situation and I said that I was under the assumption that the statement in question was not lawful, but I understood now that this was perfectly legal. There I left it in the hope that the storm would blow over.

After this conversation the anti-Semitic comments were more numerous, but now they were directed to me personal. They talked about me as THE DIRTY JEW. They called me MR COHEN. YOU JEWS TANGLES ALWAYS TOGETHER. Or at lunch break "YEAH JEW DEVOUR YOUR MEAL IT's PORK". "CERTAINLY A MEMBER OF THE EL AL CLUB"? In short, they found it necessary to constantly drawn the attention to the fact that I was Jewish. The intention was to ridicule me in front of everyone. (I am not Jewish, but now everyone was convinced that I was and even telling someone did not change that believe).

One of the consequences of the anti-Semitic feelings of the export manager was that I did not get the now vacant post of my boss, although I was best suited for (having the working experience and the exact diploma required for the job). Against the company culture the vacancy was not mentioned and they took someone (a girl with less degree and experience for this job). Actually the boss of this section had always been a woman and was also a kind of secretary for the export manager. Therefor he wanted to make sure I would not get that position because he wanted a woman there (preferable with short skirt and big boobies).

When I started to work at the Export Administration Department there were four people myself included . After six months there were three, of which two colleagues were regular ill and absent. When I was alone, I got a temporary worker from an agency, which was almost entirely acted upon by me. I worked from morning until seven o'clock in the evening, sometimes even until 11 in the evening. I asked the girl if she could work a bit extra (the other two were ill at home for weeks) and promised her to bring her home (she usually travelled by bus and that would take a lot of time) On one of those days I heard the export manager clearly say to a colleague that I did not do nothing at all. When I caught him entering his office, he startled. When I spoke to him the next day about this, he denied everything. (I saw ghosts and had a rich imagination). He made sure that the board was misinformed about me. I had, for example, ensured that invoices were corrected, before they were send to the clients instead of after they were send, which reduced the errors in the invoices virtually to zero. The export manager made beautiful ornamental with my work. I can prove this on the basis of minutes of a meeting.

When it was clear that I did not get the job (I actually could never make career anymore at COPEX) even though I was the only one who knew and controlled the work, I turned to the union (FNV) of which I was a member. They would play a mediating role to restore the troubled relationship. The management was not fully informed about the anti-Semitic statements made by the staff and was under the impression that it related to the alleged "non-Jew" statement.

The board had carefully prepared the announced visit of the FNV to negate everything. An impressive stack of paper was lying on the Director's desk, but remained untouched when I told them what really had happened. (later they would always refer to the fact that I had launched a fierce campaign against the non-Jew declaration which was not true. I just once asked a question about it.) Nevertheless, the general director had the guts to say "THAT ACTUALLY NOTHIN REALLY HAPPENED". Regarding the "non-Israel" statement, he claimed that the Jews did the same and also had declarations of such content. When I then invited him to demonstrate this, he began to dig into the stack of paper and came up with a statement that more or less was as follows. Goods for Israel may only be loaded in an airplane, without stopping in a country with which Israel is at war. (this is obviously different from a non-Jew statement, here it is to avoid the enemies can add a bomb or something similar).

The chief Human Resources, who was only a few weeks in service, suggested that a call would come between me and the export manager led by the chief HR. This conversation took place a few days later. The export manager had already admitted the insults towards me and was forced to apologize. This excuse was as follows "If I did hurt you, I'm sorry, but you must understand that my parents have worked for the Jews and therefore I don't like them and added to it, not to be aware of my Jewish background and actually had only repeated statements, that he heard from the Arabs during his business trip to the Middle East. I replied that I did not believe that Arabs were aware of the Dutch language expressions concerning Jews (Jew tip, Jew trick etc.)

Before I resumed my work again, there was a conversation with my colleague (the girl from the agency) led by the chief PZ, which I briefly explained to her what had happened. According to the chief HR she also had suffered from the situation. The chief HR insinuated that this situation was created by myself and she added "CARLO THOUGHT THERE WAS ANTI-SEMITISM INVOLVED, BUT WE SEE THAT OTHERWISE. CARLO IS A SEXIST, WHO DOES NOT ACCEPT THAT A WOMAN IS THE BOSS. (This was invented by the export manager, who by the way had left his own wife and children, could never leave his hands off from women and changes women like normal people would change their shoes). This Chief HR, (a false jealous bitch) was also the one who, after she herself was vomited due to dysfunction, by the company, contacted my lawyer of the union and told lies about me like I had had numerous jobs and was always fired quick because of my dysfunction. Furthermore they whitewashed all anti-Semitic statements and also found that Ms. Schimmel (the "Nazi bitch") did owe the verbal abuse to herself.

Furthermore, everything remained the same. The export manager remained at his post and so did I. My boss was transferred. (my first boss, who later went to work for KLM) She had indicated to aspire for another job within the company. So I was under the impression that she had voluntarily applied for another position. However, during the conversation (the apology) the chief HR made it very clear that according the company she was not functioning at all. (She was sick more often because she was in a divorce proceeding) However, the export manager gave the impression to my boss that I was the one who wanted her position. She was told this, but she did not have to mourn, because I would not get her job anyway. (I only wanted her position when she gave that up and not to replace her) From outside the company a young girl was attracted, who would take over the position. She had less education than I She came to late every day late, made one mistake after another. She had been extensively informed by the export manager, and threatened to go clicking regularly as I let on my displeasure about things.

My colleague from the agency was already taken into permanent and she told me that she thought it unfair that she had to work so much while the new boss did not perform at all. She asked to be transferred to another section within the company. When she complained about the new boss, the export manager asked her if I was the one who was responsible the bad atmosphere. (He was out for revenge for the excuse that he had to make). My colleague denied this emphatically. A short time later she was transferred to another section and I had to teach a new colleague. I was called regularly to the office of the export manager, who pressed upon me that in reality I had the lead, (which was true) and had to support her but in a way that she felt that she was in charge. (actually she was only put on that position to humiliate me a man of 38 years old with the experience and more diplomas and she only 23 functioning badly) Once he even asked me if I wanted a work out plan in my free time to improve the work. I replied to him that such work usually is performed by an auditing manager who charges about 200 guilders per hour plus a huge expense allowance for a big car .. I had a salary of 1750 guilders net per month and I rather spend my free time with my family.

The rude comments and overt insults had ceased after talking to the union. However, the insidious rose. My colleagues had to laugh because I was passed for the function. Some of the people wanted to humiliate me by forcing me to get coffee for everyone every time I would fetch me a cup of coffee. I refused. Than people who would never fetch coffee, would come to our section to ask my colleagues if they wanted coffee but to skip me in a very demonstrative way (FOR THAT DIRTY JEW WE DON'T FETCH COFFEE) Others were obliged to do the same. None of my close colleagues stood up for me, for fear of reprisals. When I mentioned this to the chief HR (she before had said that many things were my own fault also because I never spoke up for myself or never had brought it up), So this time I brought it up and I was informed that they could not do nothing about it (the anti-Semitic export manager and the personnel manager) despite the fact that it was agreed that they would take action. Also repeated request for transfer to another section were denied (they wanted me to slowly burn down and then leave the company).

One day I was standing at the printer to get out a paper that I had printed. After that paper came another that was printed by a colleague. (one of those bullies) I left his paper behind on the printer. As I returned to my desk with my papers I heard behind me, clearly audible a call "HEY DIRTY JEW HERE, HERE WITH THAT PAPER". I reported this incident immediately to the manager HR (she had previously criticized me for the fact that I had not reported cases immediately and that therefore it was impossible for the company to take action). She said that this was absolutely bad behavior. But when I told her it was a supervisor, her tone changed and she suggested that perhaps I had been mistaken. And that I should discuss this with the export manager. I asked the person to come to the office of the export manager and asked him to explain. He claimed that he had said IDIOOT (idiot) and not JOOD (Jew) These two words sound more or less similar in Dutch language. This would end the conversation and I was ordered to go back to work. Both anti-Semites kept on talking with each other another fifteen minutes, animated and laughing.

A few weeks later I found in my desk drawer a paper with the word JEW surmounted by the Nazi Swastika. Assuming that there were a number of people were chuckling to watch at that time I left it untouched and acted as nothing special was at my drawer. Later that the day I put it cautiously in my suitcase. I have not reported this incident immediately, as I was afraid to lose this evidence. Later I took it once more to the office to make copies of it. (it was a large size paper, which can only be copied in a smaller format on a special copy machine to reduce it to A4 format). Later I showed this to the general director who responded simply by saying: "BUT YOU'RE A SEXIST".

One of the activities of my boss was collecting the monthly figures on the basis of the 'listings (turnover, profit, etc.). Many of these figures were no good. Because the export manager was responsible for wanting her to have that position, this eventually would end his position as export manager.

He was transferred to the Sales department (where the director of "the closet full of non-Jew statements" held sway) The former Export Manager had protected the girl who became my boss only to humiliate me, but the new Export Manager would certainly not do this. I knew her days were numbered, and I was wondering if they would dare to pass me once more for the position. In the past I had repeatedly asked for a transfer, without result. Now I was suddenly encouraged to apply for the same function, but on the import administration. I applied to the job and started my application letter ironically with the words, "knowing that I will not be accepted anyway" and immediately asked for a raise of 200 guilders gross (2,600 to 2,800 to the level unskilled cleaner). I was accepted without a struggle for the new feature, but with a new probationary period of four months, with the express provision that if it would not turn out OK, I could not return to my old place, meaning that I would be fired then. The wage increase was only to go after the trial period (the third probation and illegal) Several people spoke to me about this and asked what I would do if I would be fired (it was clear to everyone that that was the intention) I then told anyone who would listen that if I would lose my job, in order to make the company JUDENREIN (Jew free - still everyone was convinced that I was Jewish) If the workforce of COPEX, would be JUDEN REIN then I would make sure that the customer base is also JUDENREIN. Besides, I would also report this to the police because of racism and anti-Semitism.

After my transfer, as I expected, almost immediately my former boss lost her position and got a lower position. She continued working in the same department, but someone else came to take over her function In addition, the division was again extended to four people. My former boss now had to deal with the insults, since the Jew left the department, they needed another scape goat. She soon left the company.

On the import department I was in charge of two ladies, one of them personally resented that I had passed her for the position. The other girl was very friendly to me. She was shortly afterwards transferred to the place where the German woman had worked (the "Nazi bitch"). She was heavily spanned by the insults, and was promptly fired on the spot. They intentionally made sure that staff that was favorable to me, would be replaced in order to get me as much as possible in conflicting situations. Other people were asked to put on paper what an annoying brat the German woman always had been, and some did so. Whoever had the guts to call her to inform after her health was threatened with "THEN YOU WILL FOLLOW HER FOOTSTEPS". New staff was immediately incited to ignore me. It was observed that new staff from other departments came up, once sniffed and said "POOH, I SMELL A DIRTY JEW". Nevertheless I passed my probation time. My new boss was a more descent man and was pleased with my work. Changes of staff within the company was very large. The Moroccan girl left the company and was replaced by a Surinamese girl who after two days and several insults left the company. She was replaced by a boy of Spanish origin. Everyone from abroad or other race was insulted. The company was extremely racist.

Above my department was reduced to 2 people. After some personnel changes there was new staff member of Spanish origin, in our department. I also speak Spanish very well, because my wife is from South American origin and I had a short conversation with my new colleague in Spanish getting acquainted with each other during the break. The next day I was informed that by decree, speaking Spanish was forbidden. (The Chief HR, a false woman who was very proud of speaking English and also a little bit of French was jealous that I spoke Spanish so well) Some of my colleagues would have their lunch in the canteen instead of the department (it was free to choose) The chief HR told the board that this was due to the fact that I would speak Spanish with a colleague. My Spanish colleague was threatened with dismissal and I was handed a letter with the words: Carlo, we admire very much, that you speak Spanish and Hebrew, but not here. Not here in this building. I then gave him to understand that it was finished with my translation work for the company. (I had done translation work for the company, both private and business, completely free for years). Actually I do not speak Hebrew except for a few words, but of course they had to emphasize that I was a Jew. After speaking of Spanish was forbidden the bitch of Human Recourses would come into our department and shout to me in Spanish "Hola Carlo, what does that mean"? "Ah no that is Spanish, which isnot allowed anymore"! Which would cause the rest of personal burst out in laughter.

Meanwhile, one of the ladies, long before my Spanish colleague worked there, started to apply for another job, and resigned. Again the chief HR imposed the board of directors that the Jew was responsible due to speaking Spanish. Afterwards I never spoke Spanish at the company except with my wife on the phone (which was not allowed either). The ladies remained to have lunch in the canteen, and one of them later stated publicly that, speaking Spanish had nothing to do with the fact that they would have their lunch in the canteen.

In October 1996 like my German colleague I became ill (overwrought). I had to report to the company doctor who told me that the company would like to get rid of me. He said literally to me WHY DON'T YOU RESIGN, BECAUSE WHENEVER SOMEONE TALKS ABOUT JEWS AND GAS YOU ARE SO HURT. I then made a complete report to the police at Schiphol in order to get them prosecuted for racism and anti-Semitism.
Two days later I was verbally informed that the public prosecutor would not take action.

I then turned to the Anti-Discrimination Office. We tried to disconnect the workers union FNV of the case because they inexplicably chose the side of the racist company. I also got a very unfriendly threatening letter from my union that I had to stop with the police and lawsuits against the company. But it was too late now. I could not choose my own lawyer for the lawsuit. At the hearing my lawyer of the union was not present. It was only a formality. And as a result thereof my contract terminated by the court. This had concocted with my lawyer Mrs. Bass of the union. I only spoke her twice on the phone briefly and all requests were dismissed by her (now accept it, otherwise you will not get your social security income because of your illness).


Mrs. Schimmel was constantly examined and re-examined and controlled. Her health complaints were not taken seriously.

At her request to be examined by a specialist, because she had blood in the stool, the health service snapped her that she should not complain. It was just hemorrhoids She would go to work and if she did not like the work she could simply resign. When she finally was referred to a specialist by her general practitioner, it was too late. She had colon cancer at an advanced stage and deceased in 2000. 2 Days before she died I visited her in the hospital. She only spoke about the humiliation she had had to endure.

The Anti-Discrimination Office would ask several times at the public prosecutor, why he did not prosecute this case of anti-Semitism. Only after several times of pleading and begging to receive through a scrap on the fax message that the public prosecutor would not prosecute, because "ANTI-SEMITISM AT THE WORKPLACE IS NO OFFENCE AND NOT PROSECUTABLE IN THE NETHERLANDS."

My case has been on several Television programs, including at the Dutch version of a British television program "THAT'S LIFE". Before broadcasting it was verified by speaking to 8 of my colleagues, who confirmed my story, mostly anonymously. Nobody sided with the company. The creators of the program were therefore very surprised that the union FNV of which I was a member spoke up for the company and told them numerous lies about me. This man I did not know but a few months later I found a newspaper clipping, in which the same union man found to be in charge trying to establish collective agreements with the companies at Schiphol Airport. Now it was clear to me why the FNV had supported the company. The union wanted a collective agreement to recruit more members (more money for the union) and the company told them if you help us to get rid of the annoying Jew, we invite you to discuss a general agreement. So the union was happy enough to sacrifice "the Jew". The Union still playing the role of being my defender, wrote a harsh letter to the company (and send me of course a copy) that the salary and the dismissal pay (3000 guilders = 1500 $) should be paid immediately to them and they would forward my money to me.

I had to wait a very long time before the union paid my money. Only after I threatened them with a lawsuit, did they pay me my money, saying sorry, we did not have your bank account. I cancelled my membership but had to pay on for almost a year after cancellation (for that they do have your bank account).

Since it was clear to me that in this country of corruption and absence of justice, I took the law into my own hands.

I informed some clients (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) and the agent in Israel, of the conduct of the company. The director of the Israeli company (Mr. Simon Weinbaum) was furious and travelled the same day to the Netherlands to ask for clarification. (Maliline Tel Aviv).

Furthermore, I have been several times on radio and TV, which caused the company to hire expensive lawyers to prevent that the name of the company would be published. It was also published in a Jewish magazine.

The company subsequently asked a Jewish relationship (Leon's Insurance Company Amsterdam) to contact the Rabbi to discuss everything and enforce rectification of the story in the Jewish magazine. Without success (there are indeed some bad Jews). The man was shown the door by the rabbi and returned empty handed to the company, telling the board of directors that he was not able to do something about it. Subsequently, the company needed a year to get to speak the rabbi.

After the public prosecutor did not want to prosecute, the last possibility was the EQUAL TREATMENT COMMISSION (Comissie gelijke behandeling)
If they would certify that I was treated unjust, the prosecutor then was forced to prosecute in order to get a better severance pay. During the session, I was confronted with the racist scum. The director played the role of understanding director who felt very sorry for the fact that I was a mentally ill person. He wanted to shake hands with me jovially in front of everyone, but I refused to shake his hand. The Equal Treatment Commission, concluded that there was indeed discrimination, but ruled that the company was not guilty. This had cut off all the legal possibilities for me.

Later I heard that staff of Copex broke into Copex Air and had stolen for about one million guilders of goods from a client. The son of one of the directors was involved. This was for the owners and shareholders of the company the limit and the company was sold. The new owner did not want the incompetent General Director and he was employed by the former owner of Copex where he wears his days until his retirement.
The former export manager is however still working there. He is very expensive too fire since he works there for more than 40 years.