This was send to me by the union in reaction when I protested in my website about the lack of help of the union.

You seem to me a pathetic idiot, a fascist friend (see annex)

The director of "PALESTINA NEDERLAND" an anti-Semitic organization that strives for the end of the state of Israel, Is a coworker at the Union FNV.
Most of his time is spend by launching anti-Semitic dredging on the internet.


Groen Linkser (member of political party green left) and ABVAKABO FNV WIM LANKAMP
"Suicide attack I consider a strange term. It is about the kill, not HOW it is done. It doesn't matter if it is done with suicide. It is the right of the peoples that are oppressed to resist. An attack on Israeli soldiers is acceptable. Israel does nothing else than bullying the original people (the Palestinians ) Those who resist have all the right to use every means.

(reaction from someone else) Those attacks of the Palestinians kill many Israeli civilians
I just look at the goal of the attack. When there are two soldiers waiting at a bus station, they are the target. Resistance against soldiers is allowed as I told you before.

We have to toil for the end of Israel. I am not sure if killing Israelis is good or bad.
Anyway we know that Israel should allow all the 4 million Palestinian refugees to come back immediately and that means the end of Israel and the end of the apartheids wall

Anja Meulenbelt a Dutch woman converted to Islam and married to Khaled Abu Zaid, a Palestinian who was sentenced to 7 years by Israel
She protest in the Hague because of the visit of Netanyahu and says that he should be kept in the Hague (for a tribunal.
She used to be in the parliament for SP (a left wing party where most of the anti-Semites are member of, including Greta Duisenberg)
On the picture Wim Lankamp
(by the way this woman is lesbian and she only married him to give him a free entrance in the Netherlands - they don't live together)

Wim Lankamp personal info proves that he works for FNV
(when you talk about this with FNV, they usually deny that those people are member of FNV. Furthermore they claim they have nothing to do with this Palestine committee, but they are all member of FNV and they get the travels paid by FNV to go to Palestine.

About 5 Mai liberation day. This day should be for the Palestinians
"Intifada, Intifada, Free Palestine" With dignity the Palestinians protest just after the massacre in Gaza by the Israelis

Regulary the Union travels to "Palestine" a so called Union trip (paid with stolen money from the members)
They stay in 5 star hotels in Israel, they are driven around for a whole week in cab's and when they return to the Netherlands they fill the internet with their anti-Semitic dredging. Saying that Israel is a racist state with apartheid

Furthermore they want to force supermarkets to boycott Israeli products.

One of the coworkers of Union FNV Rik Min, wrote this

How the state of Israel separated the Arabian world and how it was convenient for the Western world. What is wrong with the state of Israel? Why are Palestinians and Christians second rank civilians. Why are Jews discriminating on terms of religion. Do you write the word Jew with capital letters or small letters. Who cares about capital letters or small letters. Why is there so much anti-Semitism? Is there anti-Semitism and how convenient is that for the Jews and the state of Israel. Who has led us into this trap? In the meantime the Palestinian problem goes on like a cancer, not only in Palestine, but also in the rest of the world NEW YORK 9/11, MADRID ATOCHA, LONDON. Nothing in the history of mankind was such a disgraceful mistake as founding a state for the Jews. We all know that Jews want to cut in half little baby's as it is written in the bible (Salomon) and now the Jews want to cut in half Palestine..

Actually, not only he strives for the end of Israel, but for the end of the Jewish people.