We are not allowed to press charges against the people that openly call up to kill us. My wife barely survived, yet the only one who waws convicted was my wife.

In November 2013 the investigation about the false acusations was ready, yet my laywer has no right to see the evidence. I am sure that the evidence in my computer that shows that a corrupt police officer hacked my computer without permision of the examining Judge, will be destroyed. A perfect example how the underworld (FNV Maffia . Neo Nazi’s) is intertwined with the police and the justice criminals. I only hope they give me back my cameras, my my computers as well as my private family films of my children when they were little and my Music DVD’s, but knowing them I am not sure.
Here an example what Dutch authoreties did with the goods stolen from the Jews. In stead of giving it back to the rightfull owners they devided it among the personal.

On this nazi site my name, adres, e-mail and telephonenumber are published together with the quot “when will the anger mob lynch them?

The anger is caused by a small Group of pedofiles who claim the right to dominate Palestine and the rest of the World
About the Jews who torture animals you do not6 hear nothing in the media.

On this Belgium website Peter Tervoort calls up to kill us. The Belgium host took off our adresses (the other adress is from the one who hosted the website ) and revealed his IP adress This was the only time I could press charges,(May 28, 2014 - PL1100-2014065912-1 but the Dutch Justice Criminals will not prosecute. The are like puppets on a string of Don Corleone