In July 2013 my computer was hacked during several days by a corrupt police officer of the animal police in Groningen without permision of the examining Judge. (she chelped the Nazi’s who were hired by the workers Union FNV) She admitted that in a phonecall on july 3 2013, not aware that this phonecall was rtegistrated in my computer. She handed the stolen information over to Animal activists and Neo Nazi’s to hurt us and my actresses.

After 30 times trying to press charges I gave up. Police does not want to inform me who is behind the death threat on a Belgium website (IP adress was revealed)

WE HAVE TO PROTECT THE PRIVACY (according the police)

What about my privacy??????????

Police also statet hat the threats are FREEDOM OF SPEECH

What does police think about people that entered my home with baseball sticks at night, terrifying my wife? Ruining my business, which leaves me virtually without an income to live Is that also freedom of speech ??????????????

The anti semitic FNV workers union, the animal activists, the neo nazi’s and the police are joining forces in order to get rid of this website.