On March 24, Dutch television emited a program about the corruption within the Dutch workers union FNV. Soon after I was harrassed by people who wanted to be a member of my website.
At the time I had a little business, films with models riding horses. those films were sold as clips via a Swiss company and heavily controlled by credit card companies and US authoroties(animal abuse, sex etc.) in May I recieved a phone call from a woman who wanted to know if I was the owner of "Napoleon Videos". After I confirmed she slammed the the horn on the hook.
Early July a nasty film, with a woman mistreating a little pony was put on the internet and soon on the social media was told that I made this film. (it was made by someone who used to help me somtimes with making films, but this was done by him and his wife without my permission).
That same day I received a telephone call from someone who stated that she was a police officer from Groningen. (same voice as the phone call in May) She had a very big mouth and was able to see in my computer what I was doing. She also told me that the nasty clip would be on television and that I would be arrested by the police. (this conversation was recorded in my computer that has been confiscated by ther police. They refuse to give it to me)
From that moment on we were harassed by phonecalls and an andless stream of e-mails with threats. They wrote lies to stirr up the animal activists, such as "ponies are tortured to death", "ponies were found heavily wounded and were taken to the slaughter house". The animaL activists were responsable for the kill of Pim Fortuyn. The anti semitic basters that organised the pogroms during 3 days, which almost killed my wife, were hoping that some lunatic would kill us and they would stay on the background.
At about 8 that evening I was arrested by the police and minutes after that, our street was filled with press and people with baseball sticks, shouting that they would kill us (our adress was put on the social media) They started throwing stones and eggs, even entered our home. The only reason that my wife was not killed, was because she did not resemble the woman on the pony.
There were even 2 Russian hitman with a Russian woman, who told my wife that they came to kill me. (We are here to kill your husband). At night people even entered our house. My wife (alone at home) was scared to death. Because there was no phone in the bedroom, she could not call the police.
After 3 days my dauchter found my wife in a corner in a foetal position. She tried to commit suicide twice. She was taken to the hospital and stayed there for 3 weeks.

We tried several times to press charges against these hooligans, but in vain. Dutch police protects these terorists, because they are allowed to do something which police is not allowed to do. Hacking computers without permission of the examining judge. That is convenient for the police in finding pedofiles etc. Only they forget that these criminals take the right in their own hands, regardless if people are guilty. In my case they were payed by someone who wants this website off of the internet.

Also the person who hostedc this website was threatened by Peter Tervoort and his wild bunch. Even his wife (8 months pregnant) was threatened. Her picture was posted on the internet and she was falsly accused of being a pedofile. They found out she worked with children.
Despite our efforts to press charges, no one was arrested except my wife (we had a little fight) I did not press charges against her, but never theless she was put in jail for 3 months.
This website is now hosted in Israel and payments are made for 25 years ahead.

In September 2010 a girl from Argentina responded to an advertisement. She expressed an interest to work for me. She told me that she was living in the Netherlands. She also said she had courtship with a Dutch boy and that she would get married. I picked her up the next day and we made a movie. Because the movie was well done, I immediately invited her to make another movie. She asked if we First could take her to the prison, because she wanted to visit her boyfriend there. Later during filming she indicated that she was being held against her will with relatives of this friend and that he abused her regularly. She worked as a slave in the household of a woman with six children (from 6 different fathers) She also told us that the money she had earned with me was taken away. Afterwards we took her to our home and invited her for dinner (she was lean and hungry). Almost immediately we were called by the woman ordering us to take Andrea "home" as quick as possible. After we brought her back, I called her the other day and offered her to take her away. She indicated that she didn’t want to stay one day longer. Every weekend the house was visited bymembers of a motorcycle club. The people would pass the weekend with drinking and using drugs. If the "gentlemen" were intoxicated they would sometimes bang on the door of her room and they would, "Hey nice girl, we want to fuck you"! She was afraid of being raped one day. My wife and I immediately picked her up. The woman tried to intimidate us and to stop her. She pulled loose and walked with my wife to the car. The woman wrote down the license plate of my car and would pass it to her friend. At home I immediately received a phone call of this friend who threatened me (from prison). He already had a long career in the army and law enforcement and he was able to find out my identity. (He was only 21 years old so that was unlikely). Andrea stayed another four days with us before we put her back on the plane to Spain. Her friend had given her several letters containing threatening language. Of this I made in September 2010 report at the police station in Alkmaar.