The workers union FNV is a criminal organization.
They are corrupt (helping the company behind your back.
They steal money from people by letting them pay months or even years contribution even though they have given notice.
They are the biggest financer of the hate against Israel and the Jewish people.
They deliberately ruin small businesses if they work against the Union (Karel de Werd).
They even call for violence and sometimes even threat people who oppose with violence.
In 1969 they sent an angry mob to the biggest newspaper THE TELEGRAAF when they wrote something they did not like.

If you do not agree with the behavior of the Union, there is no single organization (such as consumer organizations) where you can complain.

They control the media. No Dutch paper or television program has the guts to broadcast about the corruption and the anti-Semitism within this organization, nor the relationship with anti-Semite organizations.

Until recently the KRO (Catholic broadcast organization)
In this program was revealed that the Union now possesses over 2,5 billion Euros

With this money they are supposed to help the workers (with lawsuits, salary for the contractor workers during cold weather) but very often they take iout millions for themselves. In the bookkeeping they declare "for general purposes".
One of those general purposes is financing the hate against Israel and the Jewish people. And numerous travels to "Palestine" with 10 or even 20 people at the same time. The so called Union travels.